What's Up Founders,

Welcome to the Bags Bodega, an education hub built to give you the information you need to fund and scale your business.

Here's what to expect from the Bodega, from our CEO & Co-Founder Daniel Taylor

Bags was founded 3 years ago to empower women and people of color to generate wealth by growing good businesses. After working with thousands of entrepreneurs, we launched the Bags Bodega to teach founders how to use debt as a tool for growth, create a community of support, and tell the stories of founders like you, that hustle to secure the bag, every single day.

Every Bodega member gets a custom Funding Plan for their business, access to a lending specialist, and a growth course where we've immortalized the advice founders need most.  

If you are a woman or person of color trying to scale your business, you're tired of trying to raise capital from VCs, and you're interested in learning how to find good loans, this is the place for you.

We're building this with you guys, so as you explore, don't be afraid to give us feedback by leaving a comment or emailing us at hello@securebags.com.