Everybody sees the stats, and it's useful to know that 82% of businesses fail due to cash flow problems. That's a lot. It's easy to think that the stats won't apply to us, though, so let's talk about what we know.

At Bags, we've seen that 82% story playing out in nearly every industry and category. Our whole focus is on making sure that happens less. We created the Bodega for that reason: because it hurts to see a Latina-owned business doing $6M in annual revenue fail because they mismanaged their debt, or a Black woman-owned business turn down $1M in purchase orders because they worked with the wrong partner previously and can't access capital to fulfill the order, or a Black-owned business need to turn down outside financing cause their previous investors would rather take a tax write-off than give the business a shot to succeed.

These horror stories are too real, but you can avoid becoming a sad statistic. Every growing business needs a funding plan. The Bags Bodega will build one for you.

Why it matters: A funding plan is a roadmap that helps business owners understand what financial metrics they should track and what goals they should hit to unlock good funding options. It can mean the difference between getting stuck with predatory loans, bad investors, or missed opportunities instead of sustainable growth.

What it looks like: A Bodega Funding Plan breaks down your current financial position, the types of funding you should be aware of, and what needs to happen in order to secure the bag from those financing options.

How it works: Sign up for Bags Bodega, use our platform to view your finances, and we'll send you a plan for your next phase of growth. The more data you connect, the better the plan you get back.

Real talk, a decision you make on day 30 of your business can affect your ability to get cash on day 3000. If something's wrong, let's fix it fast. You're the one who can supercharge your business, and Bodega Courses combined with the Bags platform are like the alchemical solution to unlock your superhero potential.

We've built a key to business growth: AI-powered credit and liabilities management, strategic insights for your funding journey, and a place where you can see how cashflows can fuel your growth.

Let's get to work. If you're ready to get your funding plan, sign up for the Bodega here.

Otherwise, you can get started with a free call with a Bags specialist here, no charge - it's on us.

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