Daniel Taylor

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Daniel Taylor

Cash Flow Class: Money In, Money Out.

Cash Flow Matters: Understanding your business's cash flow is crucial for maintaining financial stability, planning your growth, and understanding your funding options. To stay ahead of the game, use cash flow calculations to assess the health of your business and identify potential problems before they happen. Isn't it super easy?...

Daniel Taylor

Mastering Your Business Finances: Knowledge is Power.

Let's be real: even entrepreneurs with a finance degree can get overwhelmed managing business finances. Why it matters: As business owners, we know financial management is key to success, but there’s so much else we have to get done— it can be easy to just ignore the numbers for...

Daniel Taylor

Setting Business Growth Goals: Know Your Business to Fund It.

A common mistake that business owners make is using somebody else's playbook and expecting it to fit perfect. One key to success in entrepreneurship is setting clear and achievable goals for your business, which will have its own unique elements.  Those goals will determine how you finance your growth. Why...

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