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Daniel Taylor
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Daniel Taylor

What A Funding Plan Can Do For Your Business

Everybody sees the stats, and it's useful to know that 82% of businesses fail due to cash flow problems. That's a lot. It's easy to think that the stats won't apply to us, though, so let's talk about what we know. At Bags, we've seen that 82% story playing out...

Daniel Taylor

Bag Secured: Use your business loan wisely

Aye, you got the bag. That's huge. It's a testament to you and your business, and it's an opportunity to level it up. Now, let's make sure that cash translates to more cash over time, not less. In this blog post, we'll share practical tips to help you effectively utilize...

Daniel Taylor

How To: Find Loans and Get Approved.

In this post, we're guiding you through the process of finding and securing the perfect loan for your business. Let's dive in and unlock the key steps to ensure success. Why it matters: Securing the right loan for your business can provide the financial fuel needed to support growth, fund...

Daniel Taylor

Lots of Loan Types: let's find one in your size.

Loans are a great option to fuel business growth, but debt is a scary word. Because of that, lots of people end up chasing equity investment, even though it ends up being much more expensive if the business works.   Why Borrow? Debt financing from the right partner can unlock opportunities...

Daniel Taylor

Boost Your Personal Credit, Strengthen Your Business.

Credit Scores suck. They're hard to see, understand, and maintain. They're also very important when starting a U.S. business. Our secrets to good credit are below. Why they matter: As a business owner, your personal credit plays a significant role in the early days of your business's financial health...

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